Update Membership Records

The UM Book of Discipline, paragraph 230 requires churches to maintain membership records. To the best of your knowledge, please provide: name, date & place of birth, address, date of baptism, officiating pastor, & sponsors

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Other records to provide: date of confirmation/profession of faith, officiating pastor, & sponsors

If applicable, please provide the following for yourself or others (approximations accepted)

  1. If transferred from another church, date of reception, sending church, & receiving pastor
  2. If transferred to another church, date of transfer, receiving church, & address of receiving church;
  3. Date of removal or withdrawal & reason
  4. Date of restoration of professing membership & officiating pastor;
  5. Date of death, date & place of funeral/memorial, place of burial, & officiating pastor

Asbury United Methodist Church

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Membership Records & Reports (Full version)

Click here to read the full version of the United Methodist Book of Discipline requirements for Church Membership & Care of Members.